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Name Dai-ichi Kiden Co.,Ltd.
Headquarter 1-54-1, Shimoishihara, Chofu City, Tokyo 182-0034 Japan
Tel +81-42-488-3312 / Fax +81-42-488-3420
 Ibaraki Plant

644-53, Hitana Takaratsubo, Nakagoumachi, Kitaibaraki City, Ibaraki Prefecture 319-1556 Japan

Tel +81-293-30-0311 / Fax +81-293-30-0312

Ibaraki Plant 1

Manufacturing plant

  Site area

     1,730 m3

Ibaraki Plant 2

Experiments and contracted test service plant

  Site area

     2,034 m3


    High temperature unidirectional solidification apparatus   1 unit
    Coagulation system   1 unit

      Large air firing furnace    1 unit

  Resistance heating single crystal growing apparatus MSG-30   1 unit

  Resistance heating single crystal growing apparatus MSG-100   2 units

  Ultra-high-temperature heating furnace (max 3000℃)    1 unit

  Hybrid sintering machine MRS-10020B (batch type)     1 unit

  Hybrid sintering machine MRS-02550M (continuous type)    1 unit

Representative Masazumi Shiroi, President
Establishment August 9, 1991
Capital 97,000,000 yen (in January, 2007)
Our Own Bank Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Mitaka Branch
Mizuho Bank, Chofu Branch
Joyo Bank, Isohara Branch

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