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Under the theme of "Better environment for the next generation", Dai-ichi Kiden approaches to environmental issues through our products familiar to your daily life.


Solar panel Inverter LED light Mobile device IOT New material Next-generation vehicle

Solar panel


In the silicon-based solar panels, polycrystalline silicon type is a good balance of cost and performance, as compared with the single-crystal silicon type. We contribute to environmental issues through the polycrystalline silicon coagulation growing apparatus to make the wafer (ingot), which is used in polycrystalline silicon type.


The following apparatus are being used for produce. 

Power device


The switching device is an inverter component. Silicon which is the conventional material has been the mainstream. Now SiC (silicon carbide)  has been attracting attention as a alternative material in recent years, which has excellent heat resistance and voltage, and the low power loss features.

we contribute to environmental issues through the sublimation method apparatus to make a SiC crystal, heat treatment and the high-temperature annealing equipment to improve the performance of SiC substrate.


The following apparatus are being used for produce.

Single crystal growing apparatus




SAW device is essential in communication of smart devices. LT / LN single crystal, which is the material of SAW device is growing more and more demand.
In order to produce the sapphire substrate serving as a substrate of LED lighting or a smart phone display glass, sapphire single crystal is needed.
We has contributed to the smart devices and energy-saving lighting through the single crystal growth apparatus. 


The following apparatus are being used for produce.

New material


So as to contribute to the light and strong new materials, we has tried applying our core technology - high-frequency heating to reduce the use of energy to a minimum, resistance heating and the Joule heating to every process.

We also has used an ultra-high temperature technology of 3000 or more in product line build and the material processing


The following apparatus are being used for produce.

Next-generation vehicle

Compact hot stamping system

We will propose the heating method of warm and hot forming of the next generation lightweight material such as "high-tensile steel plates," "CFRP" "magnesium alloy", reduce the use of energy to a minimum. We are adopting the induction heating, which is difficult to be realized in a high-tensile steel plate produce, will continue to apply it to all the process for energy saving and space saving.


The following apparatus are being used for produce.

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