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Compact hot stamping system

Compact hot stamping system

Compact & Cost-saving

For high tension and CFRTP material

Combining HF heating and servo press




The weight saving of automobiles and collision safety tends to be improved, and press processing is expected to be a large-scale market.
Dai-ichi Kiden combines proprietary high-frequency heating technology and servo press technology, offering a new system which is overwhelmingly compact, costs lower and shorter in heat treatment time, compared with conventional hot stamp equipment.

"High tensile strength steel sheet" is attracting attention as a material for next-generation automobiles.
We have designed special coils applicable to hot forming methods and induction heating technology. Heating is performed with energy saving for a short time impossible to achieve by atmosphere heating.


CFRP (Carebon Fiber Reinforced Plastics), which is a light and strong new material, is drawing attention as a substitute material for metals. The mold heating forming technique which could be applied to thermosetting · thermoplastic molding methods, incorporates energization heating technology.
Moreover, heating is carried out for a short time and energy saving by using direct current application technology to material.



CFRTP treatment by flat panel type and solenoid type



image of heating method utilizing the skin effect


  • IH type rapid heating - heating up to 1000 ℃ in about 10 seconds
  • Heating of hole machining board and trapezoidal plate - Controlling magnetic flux and eddy current to uniform temperature
  • Coil shape according to material and process - Control of heat distribution by coil shape
  • Heating method utilizing the skin effect - Heat concentrates only on the surface layer due to the penetration depth of the eddy current

image of heating panel


image of heating panel


  • Heat treatment of metallic materials such as high tension, aluminum, titanium, magnesium etc.
  • Heat treatment of CFRTP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Resin)

image of hotstamping application

Heating method

High-frequency induction heating 
Heating temperature 1000℃ (depends on the material)
Heating rate Approximately 10 seconds to 1000℃


200kN, Die height 500mm, stroke 250mm

Mold dimensions

Max. 600mm x 500mm

Transport mechanism

Electric actuator, stroke 500mm

Work clamp

Transport speed : 100mm/sec

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