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Alloy wire manufacturing equipment

Alloy wire manufacturing equipment


No need for swaging of wire

Manufacturing target diameter directly

Continuous wire manufacturing also available




Applying the micro PD method to growing fiber crystals, this apparatus melt the alloy wire material, and pull down the wire.
Since this method can produce to the target wire diameter directly, swaging of wire rods is unnecessary.
In addition, since the grain size of the fabricated wire is increased and the grain boundary is reduced, high temperature oxidation resistance and bending resistance are improved.

No need for swaging of wire


Target wire diameter φ0.4~1.5㎜
Feed speed 20㎜~200㎜/min
Heating temperature Max. 2500℃
Heating method High frequency induction heating
High frequency power supply Maximum output 20kW Frequency 20kHz
Atmosphere Vacuum 10Pa Nitrogen gas flow

Comparison with conventional machine

New technique, Melting and Drawing in 1 process

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