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1~1000 ton hot press

1~1000 ton hot press

Pressurize in 1000 tons

Uniform & Precise press control  








This hot press can press, sinter and diffusion bond ceramics, target materials and various metals at high temperature and high pressure.

we provide the hot press of from 1t class to 1000t class large model, corresponding the temperature distribution which the customer needs, based on our experience and simulations of heating up to 2500℃.

According to your requirements, the most suiatable heating method and atmosphere would be selected.

Features by heating method

  • Resistance heating type: A heater design with excellent soaking. You can choose graphite or metal heater
  • Block heater type: Available up to 1000°C. Excellent in soaking. Suitable for diffusion bonding and molding of various materials
  • High frequency induction heating type: Rapid heating and local heating  available. Using multiple heating coils to get the temperature gradient which you need.


Type Carbon heater type Block heater type HF induction heating type
Strong point Heater design with excellent soaking, graphite and metal heater selectable Excellent in soaking and used for diffusion bonding and molding of various materials Rapid heating/local heating possible, temperature gradient can be obtained by using multiple heating coils
Heating temperature 2500℃ 1000℃ 2000℃
Press pressure 10~8000kN 10~500kN 10~10000kN
Soaking ±10~20℃ ±10℃ ±10~20℃
Atmosphere Vacuum・inert gas Vacuum・inert gas・air air
Vacuum system

Oil rotary pump, mechanical booster pump

Ultimate vacuum 10-3 Pa(when the furnace is empty at normal temperature) 10-1 Pa(when the furnace is empty at normal temperature) 10-3 Pa(when the furnace is empty at normal temperature)
Control panel

Touch panel, sequencer control (heating, atmosphere, pressure)

Heating coil Available (Please contact us about the number of zones) Vertical 2 zone lifting type
Control panel Touch panel, sequence control (heating, atmosphere, pressure)

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