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Contracted heating test service of high temperature over 3000℃

By high frequency induction heating, this apparatus heats the carbon crucible up to around 3500℃ in an inert gas atmosphere.
It achieves the temperature stability and a high temperature rise rate of up to 200℃/min.
You can choose the control method from the temperature control with high-performance radiation thermometer and output control that directly controls high-frequency output.

Experiment specification

Heating temperature Max. 3500℃
Atmosphere After evacuation, an inert gas atmosphere by the atmospheric pressure
Crucible recommeded Carbon, ID50(t2) x H48mm
Hot zone Carbon molding insulation material
Heating method High-frequency induction heating
The rate of temperature rise Max. 200℃/min

Examples of the experiment

  • Graphitization processing of new materials
  • Melting experiments of high-melting-point material
  • Re-crystallization experiments of high-melting-point material
  • Alloy creating of the high-melting-point material


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The introduction of the ultra high temperature heating system


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