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Induction heating

Though there are many methods for heating, the induction heating system using an electromagnetic phenomenon by high frequency power source is the most popular. Its superior specification gives various choices and has applications from the steel industry to household appliances nowadays. We develop the heating technology to widen the use of the induction heating system and contribute to the industrial world with our applied products.

The principle of the induction heating system

Figure-1 shows the typical example of the induction heating system. Coil is put around a metal bar.

Then high frequency electric current is run through the coil. The coil develops a magnetic flux as it passes inside of the metal bar. The magnetic flux makes an electric eddy current around. Heat in the metal(P) is expressed with the electric eddy current(I) and the metal resistance(R) in the following formula.



This phenomenon shows the induction heat is generated in the material itself. This method is the direct heating system that an electric current runs through inside of the object. The object should be a conductor. When the object is dieletrics, it should be placed in a conductive container and follow the same steps. This is the indirect method.

The specification of the induction heating system

When compared with other methods, the induction heating system is superior in Heating, Controlling and Working environment improvement. Focusing on these specifications, the induction heating system is suitable in any kinds of fields.

+ Heating : Quick response, Quick-heating, Spot heating, High-temperature heating, Super high-temperature heating, Heating in vacuum, No contact heating, Heating in gas, No flame, Easy output control, High-precision heating

+ Control : No heat leaking, electric energy makes clean

+ Environmental improvement : Easy automation, Easy operation

Advantage of KDN's power supply

+-0.05% of power changes

The stability of the high frequency output holds an output change in less than +-0.05% for input power supply change +-10%.


0-100% continuous control

The high frequency output is 0-100% for the maximum, and control is possible continually.


Frequency automatic tracking function

It could heat various load (heating object) efficiently to the designed frequency by a frequency automatic tracking function.



Inter-locks and protective circuits secure the safety of the operator and prevent system damage.

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