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Contracted test service

We hope this service will be useful as a prior verification to consider installing equipment. You can also request contract production of small lot.
Please inquire  from this homepage for application / question.  

Ultra high temperature furnace High temperature heating over 3000 ℃
Large type unidirectional solidifying furnace

Dissolution coagulation test of maximum 400kg

Hybrid type sintering machine (batch type) Could be applied as electric sintering or hot press
Hybrid type sintering machine (continuous type) Continuous sintering by our proprietary method
Horizontal tubular furnace

Heating in vacuum, inert gas, atmosphere

High temperature melting furnace

30~100kg of raw material can be dissolved at 2300℃ (MSG-30 1 unit, MSG-100 2 units)

Atmosphere firing furnace

Heating □1000 × 900L material at 950℃

Bridgman furnace

Unidirectional solidification at 1650℃

Hot stamping equipment

 Hot forming by induction heating

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