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Remote monitoring / Remote control


You can monitor the status of the apparatus and operate them from a distance in real time.

It is effective for dealing with emergency quickly, for the touch panel for operation of the device can be monitored and operated by using another device at the office or on the go.

If the communication environment is in place, it is possible to monitor and remote control from outside, overseas, using mobile devices.


Example 1: Operating in a remote office with a computer




Example 2: Operation with mobile device




Example 3: Collect and analyze data in real time from the office



※It becomes option specification to our apparatus. please do not hesitate to contact us when considering equipment.
※ We do not do the unit sales of the remote control system.

Key advantages

  • Remote monitoring ― Check, manage, and monitor the touch panel on anywhere
  • Remote control ― change programs at places away from the site
  • Remote support ― Troubleshooting from a remote place
  • Clean room ― Operate equipment in the clean room from outside
  • In-furnace observation ― Operate equipment while connecting the camera and observing the inside of the furnace
  • Data collection ― Collect experiment and production data even in places away from the site in cooperation with exclusive software

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