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1991 Establish Kabushiki kaisha Dai-ichi Kiden as the after-sales service section. Start taking care of the after-sales service for High frequency induction heating system.
1992 Start producing transistor invertor. Materialize high efficiency and space-saving.
1993 Merge with High frequency section in Dai-ichi Dentsu Kabushiki kaisha and take over all relevant business about High frequency induction heating system. Having Mitsubishi Corporation as a general distributor, we started developing, designing, manufacturing and distributing single crystal growing system.
1997 Mitsubishi Corporation finances 19.51% of the capital. Gain 11,000,000yen and make the capital 41,000,000yen.
1998 Established mass production system of CZ grower with the expansion of LT single crystal demand.
2000 Additional investment from Mitsubishi Corporation (total 25.0%). The capital becomes 97,000,000yen. Established System Research & Development Division.

Started selling devices for compound semiconductors such as SiC single crystal growth system.

Started development of sapphire single crystal growth system by CZ Method.


Started selling the SiC single crystal growing equipment for development by solution growth method.

Started selling the rapid thermal annealing apparatus (RTA furnace) for SiC wafers.

2005 Started manufacturing polycrystalline Si production system.
2006 Established Ibaraki plant with the production upgrade.
2007 Established second Ibaraki plant.
Started manufacturing on assignment of polycrystalline Si ingots.
2010 Started selling the ultra large sapphire single crystal pulling system.
2013 Completed R&D of HPI high frequency power supply adopting SiC module and started manufacturing.
2014 Started manufacturing the hybrid energy saving type SPS system.
2015 Started manufacturing hybrid coutinuous type SPS system.
Started manufacturing SiC high frequency induction inverter HPI series and SiC Energization inverter MEI series.

Established a new contracted test room (open lab).

Started selling the compact hot stamping system.

2018 Started manufacturing large hot press.
2019 Started manufacturing glove box multi-heating furnace.
2020 Started manufacturing hot press (block heater type).

Announced 「Toward a Low-carbon Society」.


Started of clean power generation to reduce greenhouse gases.


Completed new office building at Ibaraki plant.

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