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ADC control - crystal automatic growing system


Our single crystal pulling apparatus have been controlled with all digital using a CPU control.  ADC controller (full screen touch operation system) will do with a high degree of accuracy, those essential functions such as heating control, drive system control,  the seed crystal control.
Single crystal growth, after melting the raw material in a crucible, a seed crystal is brought into contact with the melt, to grow a round rod-like crystal while rotating, is delicate work.
ADC (Auto Diameter Control) system, reads the weight data of the target crystal by precision load cell (produced by us), to cultivate while automatic operation the diameter and shape of the target crystal, is our proprietary technology.




Temperature program 10 steps
ADC  step 20 steps
Load cell input resolution 0.1μV

Application Area

Pulling growth of crystal(CZ method, LEC method, EFG method, TSSG method, etc.)

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