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Ultra high temperature heating system

Ultra high temperature heating system


Heat up to ultra-high range to the 3500 ℃ in a few minutes


With originally designed hot zone


UHT-0020 / Consignment test available


The use of molded carbon insulation for high-frequency induction heating enables efficient heating of only the heating target in the insulation.
Taking advantage of responsiveness and stability, the merits of high frequency induction heating, Ultra-high-temperature heating to the 3500℃ range is possible in a short time relative to the target temperature.




  • Automatic operation by inputting heating or air conditioning processes
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • High-speed heating to high temperature by using high-frequency induction heating
  • Power saving compared to resistance heating


Heating method High frequency induction heating
Heating temperature 3500℃ (in inert atmosphere)
Heating rate 200℃/min
Chember Quartz
Crucible Carbon, OD70xID50x48H
Refractory Carbon molding material
Vacuum Turbo molecular pump & oil rotary pump
Atmosphere Vacuum・inert gas
Temperature measurement 2 color pyrometer
usage environment Hot・cold・glove BOX

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