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Glove box multi-heating furnace


Glove box multi-heating furnace

Heat in the glove box
2 types of heating can be controlled easily

High vacuum and dew point management possible
Automatic control software



A glove box heating device that can easily use two types of power sources (high frequency induction heating power supply and pulse power supply). By selecting single / hybrid heating according to your purpose, all heating experiments such as firing, sintering and melting are possible. It can be used as a multi-experiment furnace to control pressure and distance with a servo press to perform hot pressing, hot working, unidirectional solidification, etc.


As an optional specification, it supports 10-4Pa level high vacuum and dew point management.

The power supply is equipped with 2 types of induction heating and pulse current heating, so that 3 types of heating can be selected: ①high frequency induction heating ②pulse current heating ③hybrid heating combined with both. Hybrid heating can be performed while changing the ratio of induction heating and pulsed heating.
The atmosphere inside the pass box attached to the glove box can be controlled independently.

As an optional specification, it supports 10-4Pa level high vacuum and dew point management. Equipped with an electric servo press, pressurization tests can be performed while finely controlling pressure and distance. Since our automatic control software is installed, the software can be changed according to your purpose.


  • Heating in the glove box is possible
  • High vacuum specification up to 10-4Pa
  • Can continue the experiments in a clean environment
  • 3 types of heating methods (high frequency, pulse current, hybrid)
  • Pressure control and distance control are possible
  • Power control and temperature control are possible
  • Collect and save experiment data on PC
  • Automatic control software designed by KDN


Heating method High-frequency induction heating + pulse current heating
Heating temperature 1700℃
Heating rate 100℃/min
Chamber Glove box + pass box
Atmosphere  Inert gas atmosphere after vacuum
Heating control method Power control or temperature control
Press method Servo press 200kN
Temperature measurement Thermocouple or 2 color pyrometer

Ultimate vacuum 1×10-4Pa, high temperature heating up to 2500℃, 

Hydraulic press (Pressure control), Dew point control (-75℃)

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