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Hot press (block heater type)


Hot press (block heater type)

Used in vacuum, atmosphere, and inert atmosphere

press-molded by 2 block plates at high temperature 

upper and lower heater





This hot press apparatus that uses the block heater BH-1100 can be used in 3 different atmospheres: vacuum, atmosphere and inert gas, making it suitable for the production and research and development of a wide range of materials.

We support large sizes that assume the size of products and small sizes for research and development.


  • 3 types of atmosphere is available to use: vacuum, atmosphere, and inert gas
  • Heat the upper and lower block plates to a high temperature (heater surface temperature 1050℃)
  • Press from 10 to 500 kN
  • For various press sintering, dissimilar metal bonding, diffusion bonding, hot mold forming, etc.

Block heater

The block heater BH-1100 has a built-in high-temperature cartridge heater in the upper and lower block plates to heat the block plate to a high temperature (surface temperature 1050 ° C).

It is also possible to control the temperature of each heater to provide the desired temperature distribution.

We will design the optimum heater according to the purpose by our simulation and propose a block heater considering the heater arrangement.


  • High temperature cartridge heater (single) Upper block heater (18 built-in heaters)

 High temperature cartridge heater (single)        Upper block heater (18 built-in heaters)



 By our simulation, we will propose a block heater that takes your wishes into consideration.

  • By our simulation, we will propose a block heater that takes your wishes into consideration

                                                                           Block heater soaking range

    ※The high temperature cartridge heater used in this block heater is manufactured by Sanyo Thermal Industry Co., Ltd.



Heating method Block heater
Heating temperature

1100℃(block surface temperature1050℃)

Press 10~500kN
Soaking heat

±10℃ (range of □ 400mm for block size □ 600mm)

Atmosphere Vacuum or inert gas or atmosphere
Vacuum exhaust system

Oil rotary pump, mechanical booster pump

Ultimate vacuum 10-1 Pa unit (when the furnace is empty, at normal temperature)
Control panel

Touch panel, sequencer control (heating, atmosphere, pressure)

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