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Servo Press combustion furnace

Servo Press combustion furnace

Heat up to 1500℃ only in a few minutes

Pressing at 20t and heating at a time


Non-ferrous metal material equipment


Equipped with a RISC-CPU to the control unit, fully digitized, it is servo press furnace which sampling rate of the load value is fast as to 1 msec. (servo press is made by Dai-ichi Dentsu Ltd.)
A high-frequency induction heating device has been organiged with the high precise control servo press.


  • Heating the die set to high-temperature region in a few minutes by electric energization heating, pressurizing it up to 20 tons at the same time
  • With press function consisted of a servo motor and a ball screw, able to control the micro pressure while the pressure load detection
  • Parameters set by the touch panel controller system
  • Operate the pressure control in the program work



Operating temperature 1500~2200℃
Heating method

High frequency induction heating / resistance heating (SUPERTHAL, carbon, tungsten, mesh)

Atmosphere vacuum・inert gas
Press 20t servo press


Discharge plasma sintering (SPS)
Compact hot press


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