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Ultra-high-quality large ingot growth system

New technique
(NOC、NOn-contact Crucible)

to grow High-Quality and Large Si crystal


Development system


This new system incorporates the benefits of cast growth method, the Czochralski(CZ) method, Kyropoulos methodto have a function for the growth of the high-quality silicon crystal. The low-temperature region is formed in the silicon melt upper, growing ingot by pulling up the silicon crystal continuously using a seed crystal. 





















※ This document was allowed to be diverted from JST FUTURE-PV Innovation project material.


  • Furnace structure reduces the particles of carbon hot zone
  • Energy saving structure reduces running cost
  • Could be operated from a separate room by remote control function
  • Easy seeding mechanism


Crystal size Max. φ500×H400(mm)
Crystal weight Max. 100kg
Heating method Resistance heating method with 2 zone carbon heater
Heating temperature

Max. 1600℃、operationg temp. 1550℃ 

Atmosphere Atmospheric pressure with an inert gas or reduced-pressure atmosphere
Take-out of chamber Lower part take-out mechanism by elevating the chamber bottom

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