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Ultra-compact Bridgman furnace

Ultra-compact Bridgman furnace

Tabletop size Bridgman furnace

Ideal for sample testing & research



For R&D use 


This is the perfect Bridgman furnace for research and development, and for the evaluation of raw materials.

Compact tabletop size and high-frequency induction heating type. 

The crucible moves in a temperature distribution, growing a crystal by directional solidification from the edge of the crucible.  

It can be easily used in the evaluation of physical properties.


  • Low price
  • Ideal for evaluation of physical properties in a tabletop size
  • Excellent thermal uniformity
  • Crucible hanging style
  • Crystal size 1~2 inch


Heating method Resistance heating (1 zone KANTHAL heater)
Heating temperature 1100℃
Output 15kW
Crucible control Crucible hanging
Crystal size 1~2 inch
Atmosphere Air
Control method PLC control (growth program, furnace atmosphere)  

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