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Resistance heating type μ-PD furnace

Resistance heating type μ-PD furnace

Ideal for sample test & research



Resistance heating type crystal grower


μ-PD (Micro-Pull Down) method single crystal growth furnace grows various crystals by pulling down the seed from a small hole in the bottom of the crucible. It is suitable to the development of oxide single crystal and the material properties characterization.




  • Possible evaluation of the physical properties of the material at low cost
  • Easy to make fiber crystal
  • Easy to install for a compact furnace high 1500mm (patent pending)
  • Centralized control, screen configuration by PC (all 5 screens)
  • Excellent safety


Heating method Resistance heating, Pt heater, KANTHAL
Heating temperature Max. 1700℃
Heater capacity 6kW
Atmosphere Air・vacuum
Control method By computer

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