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Solution growth method single crystal growing apparatus (TSSG method)

Solution growth method single crystal growing apparatus (TSSG method)

SiC · AlN single crystal growth at a low temperature with low-power





Compound single crystal growth apparatus


This apparature can grow single crystal by dipping a seed to melt interface, in conjunction with the drive of the seed axis and the heat removal effect and the crucible driving process.
The adoption of high-frequency induction heating enables do precise output and temperature control for a variety of temperature program.


  • Space saving design
  • It can do growing SiC・AlN at low power with a high frequency induction heating 
  • Possible stable control even in a long period of growing
  • Frequency switchable type is also possible when requested


SiC(Silicon carbide), AlN single crystal, Transition metal, or the like 


Growing method Solution growth method
Target crystal 2~4 inch, SiC・AlN single crytal
Heating method High-frequency induction heating
Heating temperature Max. 2100℃, operation 2000℃


Output and temperature control switchable
Control type

Radiation thermometer temperature control / WRe thermocouple temperature control / power control

Drive control

Dipping jig drive unit, crucible-axis drive unit, heating coil driving unit

Chamber Water-cooled vacuum-tight open chamber, φ740XH1000mm
Atmosphere Air・vacuum・inert gas (Ar・He・N2 etc.)

Oscillator capacity


 Exhaust system

Rotary pump, oil diffusion pump

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