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MSG crystal growth system

MSG crystal growth system

Energy-saving sapphire crystal grower

Resistance heating type crystal growth apparatus


MSG-30 / MSG-50 / MSG-100 


MSG(Melt Slow Growth) is an apparatus that is added a pull-up technology developed by the CZ method to the conventional Kyropoulos method, for producing large crystals.
With a resistance heating method with a carbon heater, MSG has significantly reduced the energy costs and supplies costs than other crystal growers.




Sapphire single crystal


Heating method 2 zone carbon heater resistance heating system
Heating temperature Max. 2200℃
Raw material charging amount 120kg
Chamber type Vacuum water-cooling jacket chamber
Heater output Main heater 100kW, Bottom Heater 50kW
Control method

PLC control (growing program, atmosphere)

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