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Bulk cultivatable sublimation apparatus

Bulk cultivatable sublimation apparatus

Best records grower

Precise pressure control from 1 torr
For mass production of SiC bulk


S278 / S380


This apparatus heat to sublimate raw material in vacuum or in an inert gas, then precipitate it to the seed crystal so that grow SiC bulk single crystal. 


  • Water-cooled double quartz tube to withstand the ultra-high-temperature specifications
  • Precise pressure control in a wide range of range of up to atmospheric pressure from 1 torr
  • It can be used at up to 2700 ℃
  • It can be fully automatic controlled by a computer
  • You can trace amount of pressure control in a wide range of range of up to atmospheric pressure from 1torr
  • High vacuum specification available



SiC, AlN


(This is SiC single crystal)


Growing method Sublimation method
Target crystal 2~8 inch, SiC single crystal
Heating method High frequency induction heating system
Heating temperature Max. 2500℃
Pressure control 10~100±1 torr
Chamber Water-cooled double quartz tube
Atmosphere Ar・N2
Exhaust system Rotary pump, a turbo molecular pump

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