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Rapid thermal annealing apparatus (RTA furnace)

Rapid thermal annealing apparatus (RTA furnace)

Shuttle system that achieves rapid heating and cooling

Heat treatment of SiC wafers up to 6 inches

RSA-04 / RSA-06


RSA is a heat treatment apparatus for activation after ion implantation to SiC wafers. with shuttle system, it was to enable to rapid temperature increase and decrease, high-speed quenching.
Mass production type is also available that is capable of a large number of sheets simultaneous processing by overlaying the wafer stage.


Ion Technology Center Co.,Ltd get use of this apparatus to do an accession activation annealing treatment in consignment.


※A large number of sheets simultaneous processing by the adoption of new technology  is now possible (when 4 inch wafer).


  • As it uses the rapid heating cooling function, throughput is fast even it does the sheet treatment
  • Since the reactor and the cooling chamber is divided, possible to maintain a high temperature and uniform heating unit
  • The high temperature heating part reduce running cost
  • High vacuum compatible(Dry pump + turbo molecular pump available)
  • Up to 2,000 ℃
  • Realized temperature distribution of the ±10 ℃ and less (1,500℃, when 4 inch treatment)


Processing possible dimensions 4~6 inch wafer
Heating temperature 1900℃(Max. 2000℃ at heater section
Processing time 20min/sheet
Degree of vacuum 10 Pa, (10-3 Pa for optional specifications)

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