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Bridgman furnace

Bridgman single crystal grower 

Optimal crystal growth apparatus for production



Resistance heating type crystal grower


The Bridgman single crystal growth method is a method of growing a crystal through directional solidification by moving the crucible in a furnace with fixed temperature distribution. This Bridgman furnace melts raw materials in a crucible, and then moves the crucible through area of varying temperature distribution so that the melted material solidify sequentially from one end to the other.
There is the vertical Bridgman method and the horizontal Bridgman method. There are 2 ways to create a temperature distribution - moving the crucible and controling the temperature in the furnace while the crucible stays fixed (VGF method, HGF method).
The single crystals that could be grown by the Bridgman method are ferritic, Sapphire, BGO, PM, LBO, BSO, LSO, CaF, etc. 










Ferritic single crystal, piezoelectric single crystal, GGG, LGS, Sapphire, YAG, dYAG, YAP, NdYAP, YbLuAG, NdCrGSGG, BGO, PM, YVO, LBO, BSO, LSO, CaF, etc.


Heating method Resistance heating or high-frequency induction heating
Heat source

Heater(KANTHAL A1, super KANTHAL, platinum, tungsten mesh, carbon, Kera Max, SiC, etc.)
2 or 3 zone

Heating temperature 500~3,000℃
Atmosphere Air・gas・vacuum・Pressurization

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