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Dai-ichi Kiden Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as “us”) believes that it is our important task to respect customers’ privacy, protect with caution and fairly handle personal information.

Therefore we fairly handle customers’ personal information based on the following action guideline.

1. Personal information content

Personal information will be referred to customers’ providing such identifiable information as Addresses, Names, Phone numbers and Mail addresses through our WEB site or customer-specific information.

2. Collecting and handling personal information

A part of our WEB site may ask you to provide personal information.

We recognize the importance of personal information and handle them under the rigorous control criterion.

Your providing personal information is only used for a limited purpose within the range of usage agreement (sending catalogs or response to your inquiry, etc).

3. Banned on providing information to the third-party

We do not provide your personal information to the third-party without your approval or such a justifiable reason as a legal request.

Also, in the case of providing your personal information to our group company or our business partner it should be done under the appropriate protection and control.

4. Compliance and control of laws

We comply with any relevant laws, national guidelines or other canons to personal information.

5. Continuous improvement

We continuously re-examine and improve our privacy policy.

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