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Dai-ichi Kiden Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as “us”) or the agent runs Dai-ichi Kiden Co.,Ltd. WEB site(, hereinafter referred to as “this site”).

Please read the following user policy first and use this site only when you agree to those conditions.


The copyright of all the contents in this site belongs to us or a third party.

You are hereby notified that any copying, modification, distribution, download, disclosure, forwarding or taking of all or any contents in the absence of prior authorization by us or the named third party is strictly prohibited.

2. Disclaimer

We offer no guarantee of the accuracy or completeness regarding the photos, various materials or all those information on this site.

We accept no responsibility in case they contain incorrect information.

We shall not be responsible whatsoever for any loss caused by the use of those information.

Those are subject to update without any notice.

3. The transmission of the contents

Any materials, information or ideas sent to or presented on this site shall not be regarded as classified or proprietary information and be used for the purpose of developing, producing or marketing the products by us.

It is prohibited to send out Illegal materials, threatening materials, mental abuse, defamation, obscene materials, scandalous materials, demagogic materials, pornography, blasphemous materials or the other materials which may be subject to civil liability or criminal liability under the law from this site.

4. Revision of material

Service condition shall be revised accordance with updating presented materials on the site without notice.

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