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IGBT inverter HF power supply

IGBT inverter HF power supply

More efficient heating technology

Made-to-order to meet your need

Lower cost with excellent safety







TR series are the transistor inverter which is compact and highly efficient using IGBT to an inverter device.

The volume ratios is more less than a one-fifth than conventional inverter, and the weight ratio is less than a one-third-saving.

The oscillatory frequency is 100Hz~30kHz in a wide range.

By the adoption of automatic frequency control, the stable output is provided for a load change and is a cost-effective product to be able to be used for general heating to super exact control.

The high frequency output is controllable for the maximum continually in 0~100%. The stability of the high frequency output holds an output change in check for ±10% of power supply changes in less than ±0.05%. You could heat efficiently even when the load (object to be heated) varies for it was designed beforehand to match the frequency by a frequency automatic flattery function.

Inverter conversion efficiency is high and greatly contributes to the reduction of the running cost of such as power supply and a cooling water.


※ We will produce the products other than standard output


  • Compact (volume ratio is one-fifth or less, the weight ratio is less than one-third)
  • Reduction of running cost
  • High-area oscillation frequency: 100Hz ~ 30kHz
  • Widely available from the general heating to ultra-precise control
  • High frequency output is continuously controllable from 0 to 100% of the maximum value.
  • The output fluctuation is only ±0.05% to the the power fluctuation ±10%








(AC 3φ kVA)

CD-2000 2 1~30 2.5
CD-5000 5 1~30 6
TR-00501 5 0.1~30 6
TR-01001 10 0.1~30 12
TR-02001 20 0.1~30 25
TR-03001 30 0.1~30 37
TR-04001 40 0.1~30 50
TR-05001 50 0.1~30 62
TR-06001 60 0.1~30 75
TR-08001 80 0.1~30 100
TR-10001 100 0.1~30 125
TR-15001 150 0.1~10 187
TR-20001 200 0.1~10 250
 TR-30001 300 0.1~10 375
TR-40001 400 0.1~10 500
TR-60001 600 0.1~10 750
TR-80001 800 0.1~10 1000
TR-10000 1000 0.1~10 1250


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