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SiC Energization inverter

SiC Energization inverter

New HF power supply with SiC device

Made-to-order to meet your need

Lower cost with excellent safety



MEI series electric energization inverter, of high efficiency by power saving SiC module.
Saving energy and space greatly by using SiC power module. 


  • Ideal for direct electric heating of the mold which is a principal of the thermoplastic molding technology
  • Small size and low noise equipped with a full-SiC power module
  • Contribute to the reduction of running cost with the oscillation unit completely air-cooled
  • We do the simulation of the heating and high-frequency magnetic field by ourselves, and suggest the heating system to fit your request
  • Since switching loss is very small, improvement in efficiency is approximately 2 times high compared to our conventional product
  • Suppressing heat generation of the switching element, greatly improve the continuous use and durability in a high-temperature environment
  • Automatic controlled by resonance frequency
  • Wide area oscillation frequency of 5 to 200kHz



Quenching, brazing, metal annealing, metal melting, thermal insert, plasma generation, etc.


Output power 10~600kW
Frequency 5~200kHz(automatically controlled by resonance frequency)
Output control range 0~100%(continuosly)
Input power 3φ、AC400V、125kVA(when 100kW)
Cooling method

Air-cooled(inverter part)


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