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100 ton hot press

Pressurize in 100 tons

Precise control

with servo hydraulic pressure

Hot press


This hot press machine can pressurize up to 1000 kN (about 100 tons) while heating up by high frequency induction heating in the 2 zones in the atmosphere.


Heating method High frequency induction heating
Temprature 1750℃(Max 1850℃)
Heating ability

From room temperature to 1750℃ within 2 hours

Heat soaking

Temperature measuring part within 540 mm in height of heated object(mold) ±10℃ or less

High frequency power supply

3 phases, 440V±10%, 250kVA×2 units

Max output 200kW, frequency around 1kHz · around 1.5 kHz

Heating coil 2 zones, the upper and lower parts lift independently
Hydraulic press

Servo hydraulic control
   Press 1002kN, draw 632kN
   Stroke: 700mm
   Load accuracy: 1000kN±3%
   Positioning accuracy: ±1 mm
   Max speed: (with no load) press 8.2mm/sec, draw 13mm/sec
                    (with load) press 4.1mm/sec, draw 6.5mm/sec

Road cell

1000kN, allowable overload 150%

Furnace atmosphere Atmosphere
Transport By roller conveyer(option)
Sequencer control Sequence program (temperature, hydraulic press control) 20 patterns × 20 steps
Control of heating coil lifting part, interlock
UPS Min 3 minute
Others Data record・ remote control (option)